If you're coming in for an Oil Change, we kindly ask that you bring your own oil filter, as we will provide the oil.

    Although, our brand new RSVP system is designed to help reduce wait times, you may also bring a book to read or a water bottle to stay hydrated in the event that you are required to wait longer than anticipated. 

    Of course! While "Car Care" is primarily focused on performing routine Oil Changes, our team is also equipped to do other low-maintenance, quick-service car maintence, pending you provide the needed materials. 

    With that being said, you may bring Air Filters and Windshield Wipers.

    Unfortunately, we are only equipped with conventional oil. 

    However, you may bring your own synthetic oil.

    Because synthetic oil costs more money and is less accessible, we are unable to provide it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    • NOTE: When using synthetic oil, you need to use a high-grade filter such as WIX filter. It helps put the grime out of your engine more efficiently.

    • So, if you need synthetic oil, please bring a higher grade filter such as WIX filter.

    Our overall goal is to honor your time! As single moms and widows, we know that time is precious, so this brand-new RSVP system will help reduce wait times, create a more efficient workflow, and better gauge attendance.

      Unfortunately, no. We are unable to provide in-depth mechanic services as it requires much more skills and tools that we have available. 

      However, we can suggest trusted mechanics in the area. As these third-party auto shops are not affiliated with Faith Assembly, you will will need to pay for their services and do all business with them separately.

      If you are using conventional oil, you need to change it every three months. 

      If you are using synthetic oil, you can skip every other oil change with the Car Care.  However, when you skip your oil change you do need to check it yourself to make sure the oil is not low, that your car is not dripping, or have an oil leak somewhere. You do not want to run out of oil in your car.